March 14, 2006

Somebody's got to play.

I wrote this email to my friend Desmond last night. We used to work together in a large windowless room divided by green cubicles.

I hope you [...] laugh when you think about the things I've been doing [...]:

private concert in ParranoEating more homemade fresh pasta than you could shake a stick at
Drinking the best cappuccini in all of Italy every day for only 80 euro cents each
Sitting on my sunny terrace with a glass of red wine soaking in my soaring views of the mountains and countryside
Going to a private concert for 30 in a private palazzo built over 600 years ago, of a quintet playing Astor Piazzolla's tango music
Drinking home made limoncello and home made white wines made by my friends
And learning bad words in Italian.

Hey, I know. Life is hard. Somebody's got to play. It might as well be me.

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