May 25, 2002

[3/16/2002 12:12:51 AM]
New York, New York
Life is good. Yes, I'm sleeping late, I'm going to see live music, visited the Children's Museum of Manhattan to see the Maurice Sendak exhibit (sadly, I missed the Curious George exhibit), and taught Mica how to ice skate at Wollman rink in Central Park - it's beautiful. Oh, and I also caught an hour at the Children's zoo where Mica named all of the twenty-something penguins for me.

And the H&H bagels - yum.

The subway has changed much since I was last here - new trains, old trains changing routes and colors, and of course, the half dozen stops that are temporarily closed from the September 11 attacks. Another thing? There's a U.S. flag on every subway car and nearly every bus in the city. Not to mention all the flags all over the rest of New York. And even more so, there are public ad campaigns about New Yorkers "In this together" to help people cope. Pretty amazing. I love this city.

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