May 25, 2002

[3/8/2002 12:18:29 AM]
Arlington VA
for one more day. Heading to NYC on Saturday morning. Eat lots with sibs. Hang out. Have fun.
Saturday night I go see a jazz band with Lisa in the city - I love listening to jazz live and seriously missed it while in 'nam. Sunday we're having a big family dinner with Kaly & Souris, and Mike & Lori with the kids. Spend the week breathing in the NY scene and, hopefully, finding work and a place to call home.

Now that mom's home, dad is settled - his count of the casualties while she was away: 1 fighting fish and 3 plants - DEAD. That's not so bad. I told her at least there's still one husband - Alive. All's well and I'm over my jetlag.

More news from New York soon. Life has been on the slow side but I am just chilling out - apologies for recent blog content. Seriously, read Australia and New Zealand blogs (links are on the right, under Oz Adventure) for a lot of fun.

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