May 25, 2002

Times square
quick - got an apartment in greenwich village; cool neighborhood, close to all the trains, working fireplace, exposed brick.
teeny tiny tiny studio. but cute. rent stabilized, which is good, but not a steal; it's a fair price by New York standards. Downtown; somewhere around $10/sq foot per month. Oi.

The decision came pretty quickly so I haven't gotten anything together. I've had the keys for two days and tonight I go back up to Kaly's for the night, probably till Saturday when I'll get a few things from Uncle Mike's and Kel's to the apartment. Saturday we go see the Star Wars exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Can't wait.
KleinReid C-thru IceLast weekend went to the KleinReid studio sale and bought lots from Jim & Dave, who also gifted me a beautiful vase. photo © KleinReid
more later

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