May 25, 2002

[3/29/2002 9:37:19 PM]
New York City
Ground Zero. This morning I went to Lisa's new Robin Hood office and then followed her down to the old office in the Financial District. Their old office sat on the 19th floor wherein I was able to view the enormity of the damage and the emptiness left behind where the World Trade Center once stood. It was good for me to be there with Lisa and her colleague Karen, and also to be given the time to spend some time alone and make peace of it. The angle from which I stood gave me an aerial view of the entire area - sixteen square acres, where I could watch the workers - who looked like miniscule figurines - raking through the rubble with hand rakes, and the enormity of their task was weighted on my mind. I watched the bull dozers - they looked like children's play things - strewn about the lot, now about four to six stories deep underground - all shiny and yellow in the bright sunlight today. It's truly amazing, what all these people have done, all of the work they have accomplished, and the extreme gratefulness I feel for everyone who has aided in the clean up of this herculean task. It is moving and sad and well, the sadness just sort of stays.

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