May 25, 2002

[3/17/2002 12:34:55 AM]
New York, New York
Oooohhhh, I am soooo FREE. Just me and Atari (Souris' kitty) and Silvio's cable connected souped up computer sitting on his Aeron chair with the flat-wide-screen HDTV cable channel on in the other room full of DVDs, video games, and well designed furniture including an assortment of godzilla toys and other random objects. Where am I? Oh, catsitting (yes, I am still allergic to cats) for Souris and Silvio while they spend a few days in Rome and then at the family farm in Arpino.

This is the life! Well, their life. But mine for ten days.

Spent the afternoon rug shopping with Kaly and John, stopped over to Celia's for some tea, and walked around downtown in general. Tomorrow I am off to Chinatown for brunch with dear Adam whom I've known about half my life. I have still not been to Ground Zero which is something I may do at some quiet moment alone this week. I haven't even see the area.

I am still waiting for my "calling" re: the job front ... I just haven't been hit with anything yet. Where am I to go? Who am I to help? I am slowly moving forward. Frankly, I've not tried yet. I am still enjoying my vacation in NY. I will let you know when I change that status to "actively in search of very cool job" and in the meantime, will blog whatever I can.

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