May 25, 2002

[3/4/2002 11:59:22 PM]
Arlington, VA
I am filling up on AMERICANA. I spent one day last week eating nothing but American junk food which included a hot dog, packaged pudding, a croissant, chili, a donut, nachos, and a chicken sub. GROSS, eh? But very American. Just watched Moulin Rouge with Lori and Ori (really) and we were all in for a treat as I had not expectations nor preconceptions of the movie. The other day went to see Harry Potter in stadium seating theatre - enjoyed it. Read the paper nearly daily with dad. Have instant coffee. Who really cares? Well, as interesting as Vietnam was to you all, America is interesting to the folks I left behind in Saigon so you'll have to bear it. The Adventures in Nam have ended, as you can see, and now we're back to the OTHER SIDE of the earth. Gotta make it so.

Going to NYC on Saturday to find a new path for my very exciting and anticipated future. Plus, I need a space for all my stuff.

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